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Major Threat
Height - 5'10"
Weight - 190 lbs.
Hometown - Syracuse, NY
Signature Moves - The Straight Edge Chop, The X Out,
Stats - 3 Wins, 1 Loss, 3 Tag Team Losses

    As hardcore as they come, a mix-up with Major Threat is an invitation for a swift army-booted beatdown. Major Threat made a big impression after he linked up with Hank Newcastle to become the WWC's official drug policy enforcer. The working relationship slowly began to crumble after an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Comrade Bren and Dr. Zu at Christmas Slay. He and Hank had a falling out shortly thereafter. Major Threat was tired of being Hank's glorified errand boy.  With the help of the mysterious Spirit of Rock and Roll, Major Threat made it known that he was through being Hank's lackey.
    Things started looking up for Major Threat after that. When GDP was elected President of the WWC, he offered Major Threat Hank's job as the Head of the Executive Committee. Now Major Threat is no longer limited to enforcing the rules.  He can make them too.