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Wrestling Federations

Vince Macmahon Jr. bought the WWF from his father and turned it into the greatest wrestling federation today.

What used to be Ted Turner's federation, and the number two organization, is now merely a WWF story angle.

Paul Heyman's old federation now belongs to his creditors and is also being used in the WWF.

David McLane runs this all-women's fed from Los Angeles.

One of the top Luche Libre feds from Mexico.

Wrestling News and Information

A comprehensive source for all websites involving wrestling news and articles.

A fine place to go for articles and information on all aspects of professional wrestling.

The Professional Wrestling Online Museum. A great source of information on wrestling history. Also check out their section dedicated to masked wrestlers.



Wrestling Goodness Online

America 1 Television. Watch online broadcasts of small wrestling federations on Saturday nights. The action starts at 7:30pm with Ultimate ProWrestling. At 8:00 it's Memphis Championship Wrestling. Then, from 9 to 11, it's NWA Worldwide and Wildside. The largest free wrestling game archive on the net. Download all manner of wrestling video games from yesteryear.



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Hampshire College Homepage. Where our home offices are located. They also, coincidentally, host most of our pay-per-veiw events.


The Hampshire WWC in Salon Magazine

The Official Online Home of WWC Superstar, The Beetle.

The Old WWC Website.