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Kitty.Comrade Bren
Height - 5'10"
Weight - 230 lbs.
Hometown - Beverly, MA
Signature Moves - The Hammer and Sickle Flip
Stats - 1 Win, 0 Losses

    Born Anton Sergeivich Brenokov, Comrade Bren's parents, circus performers in the Red Star Soviet Circus 'n Hoe-down, immigrated to the USA in 1978 to escape the oppression of the Soviet government. Raised in the "bourgeoisie pig-town" of Budleigh, Massachusetts, Bren grew up resenting his parents for not allowing him to develop in the Soviet Union. Arriving at Hampshire College in 1996, Comrade Bren has been trying to incite the Great Revolution: "We must start small, like a private liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts - soon the dominoes will fall, and America will be the next great Communist power." With the WWC announcer's booth as his political soapbox, Comrade Bren continues his quest to bring the International Communist Conspiracy into the living rooms of WWC viewers.