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GDP, Gerald Douglas Payne
Height - 6'0"
Weight - 200 lbs.
Hometown - Dollar Bay, Michigan
Net Worth - $86 Million
Signature Moves - The Recession, The Bottom Line, The Persuader
Stats - 5 Wins, 5 Losses

    Sole heir to his family's hygiene product fortune, GDP has had to fight for credibility inside the ring and out. Beginning his career as head manager at the Dollar Bay Shoney's, he later became a concert promoter for  local bands like Chrome Anus and the Vomit Prophets. He most recently got his chance for stardom as host of the edgy, ill-fated Fox TV quiz show "Which One of You Fucks Wants a Million Bucks?".
    GDP has always harbored a  love for the squared circle.  After his contract ended in the fall of 1999, he rented the best U-Haul van the sleepy hamlet of Dollar Bay could offer and relocated to the bustling metropolis of Amherst, Massachusetts. Immediately making his entrance into the WWC, he scored a stunning victory over Scoutmaster Lewis at Halloween Hell. Some in the WWC think his most famous move, the Persuader, is nothing more than bald-faced bribery.  Not so, says GDP.  "I give my opponents the choice of getting cash in hand or jammed up their worthless asses."
    In the WWC 2000 Presidential Election, GDP tied with Hank Newcastle. GDP had spent millions on this election and was not going to lose it now. He defeated Hank Newcastle in a match at the 2000 All Community Rumble for the presidency. Even now as President of the WWC,  GDP has his eyes set firmly on the WWC Championship belt.  Why fight for it when he could buy it several time over?  "It's the principle of the thing, idiot."