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What we are That we are currently a group dedicated to wrestling on the Hampshire Campus. That we are an amateur professional wrestling federation representing the Hampshire Campus and, indeed, the Five College area. That Wrestling RULES!!!! That a lack of awareness of professional and, to a lesser extent, amateur professional wrestling has led to prejudice against its fans. That these deplorable conditions necessitate the existence of the World Wrestling Collective. That this group is dedicated to the maintenance of a fully functional amateur professional wrestling federation on the Hampshire Campus. That we are dedicated to the needs and issues of wrestling fans on campus including, but not limited to: Pay-Per-View events, Monday Night “Raw is Jericho” and Thursday “Smackdown” Parties, Guest Speakers and Entertainers, amateur wrestling events involving wrestlers in the Federation, activities to raise awareness of wrestling and its culture. Therefore, we are the World Wrestling Collective. Thank you very much.

Why we are valuable to the Hampshire Community Wrestling is a unique hybrid of sport and entertainment with a distinct history and culture. In this tradition our federation provides entertainment not only for our members but for the community as a whole. It is also part of our mission to raise awareness of the cultural issues of wrestling fans on campus. Issues of particular importance include: Does or does not the Rock suck? Is or is not the WWF Intercontinental Championship appropriate for female wrestlers? Do popular wrestlers’ catch-phrases age like fine wine or like food in the B3 fridge? Is Galacticor just Greg Grundle in a mask, or is he really from the country of Outer Spahss? What the hell is going on with all of these pants “Powers that Be” angles on WCW? I think Clive Cockburn should win the belt. Activist Wrestling: Can we really close down the School of the Americas with a couple of well placed flying elbow drops? (Yes, we can!) Finally, will they ever give the WWF title to its rightful owner, Pete Gass?

Why we should be funded by the Student Activity Fund The rising popularity of Professional Wrestling in these United States and particularly its college campuses has led to a great demand for all things wrestling. The Fall 1999 season of the WWC has been the best ever. No one can deny that Halloween Hell was the greatest live entertainment event ever to happen to the Hampshire College Campus. We set a man on fire, for the love of God! Furthermore, if the WWC was not funded by the Student Activity Fund, its members would run into every Ficom meeting after the bell was rung, and hit the Ficom chair in the back of the head with a steel chair. Subsequently, the Community Council Office would be littered with paper cups, thrown by angry fans, confused and annoyed by the lack of continuity and logic in the story lines. Ratings would plummet. This is not a good thing. Many of our wrestlers will become unemployed vagrants, wandering the campus with nothing better to do but powerbomb both innocent and not-so innocent people, like that bastard Jordan Strauss.

Our internal governance structure Our organization is headed by an administrative body comprised of one (largely absent) President, one Commissioner, a group of booking agents, and an Executive Committee. Members not included in the administrative body are given functional positions including: wrestlers, managers, non-combative escorts and cronies, editors, archivists, referees, etc. The Executive Committee is responsible for planning and organizing events, developing story lines and character ideas, and has final say in disputed matches. The booking agents are directly responsible for the implementation of story lines through planned publicity events, for example, video taped interviews to be aired on Intran, and for setting up and planning the outcomes of individual matches. The Commissioner is responsible for ensuring fair competition among wrestlers, monitoring the use of steroids and other muscle enhancers, and punishing and discouraging the use of foul play. The President is responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of the Collective including keeping track of finances, public relations, negotiating between bookers and wrestlers, and maintaining a public image as President by becoming involved in story lines.

How someone can join We hold monthly meetings, at which any member of the Five College community may negotiate a position, or get involved with planning. Also, on all of our advertising and TV shows, the contact information of the signers is printed, and contact is encouraged. We also watch televised professional wrestling every Monday night at 9:00 and Thursday nights at 8:00; everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the entertainment, which includes both televised wrestling, and frequent brawls that erupt between WWC wrestlers during the commercials. These events fill up the lounge to the brim twice a week. Any interested party will be worked into the story line or allowed a behind the scenes position.

List of members

Kazuhiro Ohashi     Commentator, “Dr. Zu”
Bren Tamilio     Commentator, “Comrade Bren”
Duran Goodyear     Wrestler, “Eurotrash”
Stirling MacLaughlin    Wrestler, “Clive Cockburn”
Julian Velard     Wrestler, “Greg Grundle”
Galacticor (Intl. Student)    Wrestler, “Galacticor”
Dari Craft     Commentator, “Tyrone Jenkins”
Tao Zagar     Video / Editing
Jesse Weinberg     Wrestler, “Umassacre”
Nina Chiotasso     Wrestler, “The Professional”
Duncan Berry     Wrestler, “The Highlander”
Sean Echols     Wrestler, “Santa Cruz Samurai”
Joey Salim     Escort, “Hot Pockets”
Evan Denno     Wrestler, “’The Temple’ Flash Armstrong”
Tai Fauci     Wrestler, “The Godchild”