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We were brothers! Brothers from the birth!Das Eurotrash
Height - 6'3"
Weight - 175 lbs.
Hometown - Mountains near East Berlin, Germany
Signature Moves - The "Wrestling is Real, No Really" Elbow, The Dresden Fire Bombing
Stats - 0 Wins, 3 Losses, 1 Tag Team Win

    Das Eurotrash was separated from his twin brother, The American Poster Boy, at birth.  He was raised in Germany to train for the moment that he and his brother would be reunited.  Unfortunately, the brothers' differences were irreconcilable.  Eurotrash killed The American Poster Boy by throwing him off a balcony.  He has since teamed up with Clive Cockburn, an old modern dance partner and previous victim of The American Poster Boy's  rampage, in the tag team dubbed Euroburn, and with The Highlander as part of the European Connection.
His time in the WWC was cut short when he received a telegram from some friends of his family near East Berlin. The telegram stated that Eurotrash's third brother, The Antarctic Kid, had returned and had nearly destroyed Eurotrash's village. The Antarctic Kid was now holding Eurotrash's family hostage and demanding that Eurotrash face him in a duel to the death. Eurotrash had to go, even though he would miss the friends that he had made in the WWC.