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Elvis Aaron Presley
Height - 5'11"
Weight - varies between 150 - 400 lbs.
Hometown - Memphis, Tennessee
Signature Moves - The Jailhouse Rock, The Blue Suede Stomp
Stats - 6 Wins, 4 Losses, 1 Tag Team Loss, One time WWC World Heavyweight Champion of the World

    Elvis Aaron Presley has returned from the grave in order to fight for the position of WWC Champion. Back in the 60s, Elvis learned everything he needed to know from Superslam Stanley, otherwise known as the Ol' Geezer. However, in the 70s, feeling the effects of too much women, drugs, and booze, Elvis returned to Graceland to hide from the public for the remainder of his life. However, in the spring of 1999, Elvis's trainer, "Superslam" Stanley, died of every known disease at the same moment! THE SAME MOMENT! This jarred old feelings in the King and he declared at that point that he shall once again enter the world of the living and avenge his old master's death. With moves like the Jailhouse Rock and his varying physique, Elvis is a contender that will make it to the top, no matter what gets in his way.
After winning the WWC title, Elvis was shot. He awoke from a coma to discover that GDP had paid off the nurse while he pinned Elvis for a three-count. Elvis spent the next eight months slipping in and out of consciousness. At Kickin' Ass on the Grass IV, Elvis returned for vengeance on the one who had shot him in the first place, GDP!