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When I go into the ring, wrestlers tremble. When I perform moves, wrestlers DIE!UMassacre
Height - 5'9"
Weight - 140 lbs.
Hometown - Amherst, MA
Signature Moves- The Keg Crusher, The Flying Guatemalan Death Drop, TheVetical Lebonese Head Smasher
Stats - 3 Wins, 2 Losses, 2 Tag Team Wins, 2 Tag Team Losses, One time WWC Five College Champion

    UMassacre is the Defender of Greek Life and Champion of the University of Massachusetts. From his humble beginnings as a beer jockey, UMassacre was able to rise to the head of the Alpha Phi Illuminati, a fraternity that is vying for world domination.  He gained leadership through excessive brutality, cheating, trash talking and steroid use.
        Though once a normal, happy citizen of Amherst, UMassacre became disgruntled over his small stature, rejection from Hampshire college and 'roid rages. He joined WWC to win the Championship belt in order to get revenge on Hampshire for rejecting him and  the gang of vegans that blew up his car. He will use the belt as a springboard for total domination. First the WWC, then the World. Once in power, UMassacre and his frat brothers will force greek life on the populace. Endless drunken parties will ensue.
    Currently, he wrestles as part of the tag team, The Vigilante Squad. Members of this motley crew include his once nemesis "The Temple" Flash Armstrong, Ecotage, and his grandson from the future Fratbrother M-26.