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"The Temple" Flash Armstrong
Height - 5'7"
Weight - 175 lbs.
Hometown - Bethlehem, PA
Signature Moves - Blatant Cheating, Kicking people when they're down
Stats - 1 Win, 0 Losses, 1 Tag Team Win, 1 Tag Team Loss

    The Temple Flash Armstrong is a god among men.  Although The Temple may be a bit short of stature, he is not short of strength, stamina and toughness. When not spreading mayhem in the WWC with his tag-team partner UMassacre, The Temple can often be found giving good natured wedgies and noogies to the small, the weak, and the timid.  The bronzed Adonis physique and Olympian athletic ability characteristic of The Temple are the product of a rigorous regimen of running, weightlifting, rock-climbing, swimming, biking, polo, caber tossing and pocket pool.  You don't do any of these things, because you're too laaazy.  That's why The Temple is better than you, fatso.