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Road Rage, The Road Warrior
Height - 5'4"
Weight - 135
Hometown - The Badlands, USA in Mexico
Signature Moves - The Beating The Guy With a Bat Move, The Foreign Object Hit, The Run Over The Other Guy With My Car Slam
Stats - 2 Wins, 0 Losses, One time 5 College Champion, 4 Losses as Li'l Hitler

    The Road Warrior grew up in the midst of The Badlands.  Mutants, Frogmen, and biker gangs wreak havoc in this post-apocalyptic section of North America.  He quickly adapted, reinforcing his car with steel plating and fashioning armor out of common household items.  With his sawed-off shotgun and his bat-with-a-nail he quickly became a force to be reckoned with.  He had to fight tooth and nail every day just to survive.  Rumor has it, he has to wear a mask because his face was scarred due to a desert monster's acid spit.  One day, he reached the edge of The Badlands and discovered the rest of the world.  With his only skills being ass whupping and name taking, The Road Warrior had trouble fitting into normal society.  Then he discovered the WWC, a place where his talents could be put to use enforcing the law of the land. He made a vow to rid the WWC of all non-faces.
    At Kickin' Ass on the Grass III, it was revealed that The Road Warrior was really Li'l Hitler! For over a year, this maniacal tyrant had been pretending to hate what he was in order to win the 5 College Championship Belt.