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Li'l Hitler
Height - At 4'8" he's the littlest Hitler of them all
Weight - 110 lbs.
Hometown - Austria
Signature Moves - The Swastika, The Concentration Clamp, The Sieg Heil Chop, The Double Sieg Heil Chop
Stats - 0 Wins, 4 Losses, 2 Wins as The Road Warrior, former 5 College Champion

    Hitler trusted no one. And for good reason, he thought of himself as God. Even evil men get some things right. Never trust anyone. When his aides gave him the two cyanide pills he requested in his bunker hideaway in the waning days of the war, he didn't take them himself. He gave them to the two companions he loved most in the world, his dogs. His love for his dogs surpassed his love for all else. He later shot himself in the head. His name brings about thoughts of contempt, disgust, fear, and a desperate hope that one could never be that man. Unfortunately, history repeats. Even now.
    Little Hitler is the monster reincarnation of the single most evil man in history. All he thinks about is the hate and the power that he brings to the squared circle, laying his opponents into heaps of blood-ridden carnage.
    He disappeared after the 1999 All Community Rumble and did not show up at Kickin' Ass on the Grass III, where he was scheduled to fight Hank Newcastle. Little Hitler made his return at Kickin Ass on the Grass III, where he revealed that he had been masquerading as The Road Warrior for over a year. It was under this identity that he won the 5 College Championship at Hampfest 2000. His reign was short lived, however, as he lost the belt to The Professional at KAotG III.