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He's like a cross between a mule and a chipmunk on cocaine.Greg Grundle
Height - 6'6"
Weight - 220 lbs.
Hometown - Unknown
Signature Moves - The Grundle Punch
Stats - 1 Win, 1 Loss

    Greg Grundle might be a little slow sometimes, but is a fearsome wrestler nonetheless. What is it that makes Grundle a force to be reckoned with? Is it the purple sweats and the Superman T-shirt? Is it the "afro" haircut? His wrestling style is more akin to the way primates fight as opposed to any sort of technical skill. His fearsome Grundle Punch is a devastating attack on the section of the male anatomy between the scrotum and the anus. This move has sent many wrestlers to the hospital, for both physical and mental trauma.
    Greg Grundle appeared out of nowhere to participate in the 1999 All Community Rumble. He spoke loudly and incomprehensibly, but it wasn't long before he had established himself as a superstar in the WWC. He discovered a kindred soul one day in the supermarket. He dubbed the relatively small man Hot Pockets and brought him to the WWC as his sidekick. It wasn't long after Greg Grundle defrocked Wrasslin' Janet Reno at Kickin' Ass on the Grass II, that he disappeared from the wrestling scene. He returned as Galacticor, the unstoppable cosmic space champion of the multiverse. Who knows what this fragmented psyche will do next? None, save for Hot Pockets, have managed to comprehend him yet.