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Fratbrother M-26
Height - 6'1"
Weight - 163 lbs.
Hometown - Umassacre City, The Future
Signature Moves - Circle Jerk, Vertical Lebanese Head Smasher
Stats - 1 Wins, 0 Losses

    Fratbrother M-26 of the Delta Phi Illuminati Squad is UMassacre's grandson from the future (2016 ad). In this not too distant future, UMASS reigns supreme. Great Prophet Umassacre, Leader of all great things since the UMassacre Revolution brought great partying to the land. His rule is referred to as "The Greatest thing to ever happen to this world."

Fratbrother M-26 has traveled back in time to assist his grandfather and keep him on his path of destiny. Bearing the hyper dense Keg Crusher to replace Umassacre's Old Forbidden One, as well as wearing the latest in future fashion, Fratbrother M-26 will ensure that his timeline will come to be. .