THE WWC of Hampshire College is a student run organization dedicated to promoting understanding and creating awareness around issues of professional wrestling and its culture.


NEWS Due to the recent unexpained popularity (and profitablity) of professional wrestling (and its culture) Gerald Douglas Payne, aka GDP, has reinstated the WWC! That's right, the World Wrestling Collective officially made its comeback with the 2002 All Community Rumble, where Big Papa Smurf came out on top. With contenders like him, and the return of old mainstays like The Beetle, the WWC will crush all opposition - especially those jerks over at the HCW who will no longer be featured on this website.

ROSTER UPDATE Check out some of our new, up and coming wrestlers - El Tigre Negro and The Monkey King.

EVENTS Kickin' Ass on the Grass V coming your way this Saturday, April 27th at 3:00pm in the Library Quad as part of Merrill Carnival Day.