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Tyrone Jenkins
Height - 6'2"
Weight - 230 lbs.
Hometown - Queens, NYC
Signature Moves - Tyrone likes to hit people with things.
Stats - 0 Wins, 1 Loss by DQ

    First introduced in the WWC as "The Guy Who Would Kill Somebody for $1.25," Tyrone was the voice of Black Rage for the New Rage Order. Tyrone, along with Dr. Wiggles and Rose, assisted Black Rage by taking a chair to those most deserving. A year later, Tyrone took a corporate turn and joined up as a regular announcer for the WWC. Now he was "The Guy Who Would Kill Somebody for Stocks and Mutual Funds." But hey, don't think the New Rage Order is dead in Tyrone. You mess with this wrestling MC, and you might be getting up off the remains of a demolished announcer's table.